About Me

Welcome! And thank you for taking the time to read my blog!
Hi, my name is Dorian and I am the momma behind Busily Spinning Momma!
I am a 26 year old SAHM of two beautiful little boys, Noah (4) and Ben (2). I am married to the man of my dreams and best friend, (they are one and the same BTW. Lol) We've been married going on six years.

A few thing you should know about me.

- I love Jesus. And am in awe of all He's done for me and my family. His love is evident in every aspect of our lives.
- I am deliriously in love with my Hubs. Like really. It's disgusting :)
- I am learning American Sign Language.
- I speak Spanish, since, well, I am Latina. I was born in El Salvador, but came to Canada when I was six.
- My oldest is the reason I smile. From his sweet little voice, to his funny antics, and his loving ways, he is everything I could ever have wanted in a son. He's what I dreamt of all my life.
-My beautiful little baby, Ben, is a miracle, and is only here through the grace and mercy of God. He is special needs and deaf. (Hence, the learning...) He has growth delay, so he looks 4 months old, but he's not. He's staying a baby longer so his momma can cuddle him some more :) He's changed our lives for the better, my sweet angel. He is kinna the reason I live.
***(please know that I am okay with some pictures being taken from my blog with credit, but this does NOT include pictures of my children. There are some real creeps out there and it's for those few that I write this, not for you my lovely friends.)***

On to the crafty:

-I am a self-taught sewist, so I don't always know the technical terms and quite often make mistakes (you will probably not be aware of this all the time, cuz really who blogs constant fails? HA!).
-I am a self taught knitter and crocheter. In these areas, I am pretty confident.
- I like to learn new things, often. I best learn through doing. Next on the list? Pottery.
- I started scrap booking when I was dating my husband, eight years ago, and although I still LOVE it, I rarely find time for it.
- I LOVE making cards. Like a LOT. If you live near me and we're buds, you will probably never receive a store bought card from, oh no sirree bob.
- I really enjoy fashion. Too much. When I was younger I desperately wanted to be a fashion designer. I was that dorky girl with glasses and a sketchbook full of dreams. I'm still that dorky girl, in a lot of ways
- I, however, ended up taking ECE, regretting it and then going to work for a bank. Figure that one out.
- I really like to cook elaborate meals, but don't really enjoy baking.
-I can hardly stand cake or desserts, but can eat candy non stop.
- I LOVE flowers. Especially hydrangeas and daisies. And peonies.
- I think I'm addicted to Coke. As in Coca Cola. I have headaches without it. For reals. It's bad.
- I really don't enjoy proofreading. But I try to do it, just for ya'll. (oh and I like to pretend I'm Southern, lol.)
- I LOVE my Cricut, and Cricut-ing is awesome.
- I like to refashion and re-purpose as much as possible.
-I enjoy making knock-offs ;)

This blog is basically my attempt to be the Proverbs 31 wife, who is always "busily spinning" for her family. I have many shortcomings, and many things I'd like to better myself at. My hope is that this blog will one day reflect my growth. And that along the way, I can make tons of new crafty friends who hopefully find a little inspiration and funny in my little corner of the Internet.

I have lots to say, so grab a coke, sit back and stay awhile...and as always thank you so much for stopping by.

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