October 3, 2012

Yarn & A Movie

Last week it was pretty chilly, the weather  is starting to change to a more Winter-y feel. I walk my kiddo to school everyday, rain or shine (we don't live far, so it's no biggie) and one particularly cold morning I noticed his little neck was all exposed. My first thought was "he'll need a scarf soon", my second was, "I can buy one at the Gap" and my third and most favorite one was "Forget that! I'll make it myself!"

So I came back home, put on my comfiest (corniest) flannel jammies, rocked my babe to sleep, got out Netflix, and my supplies and started in on it...

I watched "Love, Actually" for the first time ever (not bad, cute, but looong). And finished the scarf way before the movie was over.
I decided to make a small cowl instead of a scarf. To be honest, I'm not a fan of long thick ropes around my babies neck ;)

A quick and easy project that is useful and warm. 
My favorite kind :) I'm all about instant gratification in the crafty department ;)

And, more importantly...he liked it :)
(all pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologies for the not-so-great quality)

I've made this exact same cowl (same yarn and pattern) but on a larger scale for my nephew, as Christmas present. I show it off and explain how to make one here.

Hope you're all having a great week so far. We're all getting over a cold, so things are finally starting to feel normal again!

"See" you all soon :)


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