September 18, 2012

A Quilt A Day...

Yesterday was one of those magical days where I got EVERYTHING I need to do actually DONE!
The house is back in order after a week of being not-so-well myself, and then the kiddies getting sick too.
The laundry is *mostly* conquered. Cuz, really, when is laundry ever "done"?

Anyway with my oldest at school, the baby still napping and a clean house, I found myself with some *gasp* FREE TIME! So, what did I set out to do?
Why, quilt of course!

*not so great, late at night instagram photo*

Now don't get me wrong, I have never actually tried my hand at making a quilt before. So this is my first try. 
It's going to be for my oldest. My dream for this quilt is to see it packed into a box that he will take with him to University. *tear*

For those of you that "Like" me on Facebook, you've already seen this pic. 

I have attempted quilting before, in a much smaller scale.
Here is a sweet little makeup pouch I made myself this summer:

And of course, my tote I made last year:

You can find the tutorial here

I want to have the quilt done for Christmas, so I can give it to my boy. I know he'll love it, he loves cuddly things :)

And if you're curious all the fabrics on this post and pattern were bought over at The Fat Quarter Shop.

The quilt fabric is
Michael Miller Letterman Hall of Fame, and the pattern for the quilt is called the Nina Quilt.

You can find the fabric here.
The quilt pattern here.

The fabric for my makeup pouch is Amy Butler's Glamour Lark Fat Quarter bundle.
You can find it here.
Pattern was my own.

The fabric for the quilted bag is now not available. Boo. But it was made by Bonnie & Camille by Moda Fabric. I think it was called Buttercup or Butter Cream or something. It was BEAUTIFUL.
A beautiful and comparable print (also from Moda by Bonnie & Camille) is Marmalade.
It can be found here.

Well, I'm off to sew a couple of items for friends. Totally had forgotten I had a couple requests in, so better work on this perfectly rainy day.

Have an awesome day!


  1. It's gonna be're so cute about baby boy packing it for college..haha. Love the little pouchy and the beautiful tote is my all time favourite thing you've ever rock my non sewing ya ! xo

    1.'re so sweet! You rock my no-comments world! (thanks for taking the time) Loves ya back...xoxo


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