May 10, 2012

Meet Heather, our last Guest Post-er...

Hello Friends! 
Today we have the last guest poster of the Birthday Bash, the lovely Heather! 
Heather is absolutely one of the sweetest ladies I know (not in person, tho. Sad), and one of the kindest.  She actually studied Special Needs education and is now in the field! And you all know how close special needs is too my heart. Oh Heather, just move in next door, will ya!? And bring a Vera Bradley store with you! (we're both Vera lovers!)

Anyway, enough about is Heather, with such a cute and simple tutorial for you!

Hello BSM Friends!

I'm so excited to be over here sharing with you all today! I just adore Dorian, and was thrilled and the chance to be a guest!

My name is Heather, and I blog over at It's A Long Story

This is my little family, and my blog is full of all the fun things we do, as well as  (hopefully) some faith and inspiration for you!

I have a super simple tutorial for you today! 
I was recently at a work conference, and over the course of the week I gathered quite a collection of "flair" buttons. You know, the ones with pins on the back. Some of them we just too cute or funny to part with, and they all come with great memories! My bulletin board at work needed some new magnets, and so...Flair  Magnets were born!

This project could not be any easier, I promise!

Start out by gathering your materials.
You will need:
A wire cutter of some sort
strong glue (I used E-6000, hot glue might work, but I wanted to make sure they were secure)

Start by pulling the pins out of the buttons.

You could probably leave the rest of the pin in their, but I chose to wrestle it out of there. Be carefull, I tore the front of one of my buttons while I did it! Oops!

Now, glue on your magnets.
A little bit of E-6000 goes a long way!

I've found that E-6000 likes to ooze out of the bottle whether I'm squeezing it or not.
Just put it down over another button and it does the work for you! Sweet!

Here are my buttons, all glued and magnet-ed.

I highly recommend doing this project outside if you are using E-6000. That stuff stinks!

Let your magnets dry and cure for about 24 hours.

There you have it! Cute magnets that come with fun memories! 

Thanks so much for letting me hang with you today!

Be blessed!


Thank you Heather! And what a great tutorial right?! You guys should see her toddler busy boxes she simple but so perfect! She has a ton of inspiration over at her blog, she's def. someone you wanna keep on your radar, cuz she is one talented lady. Don't believe me? GO check her blog out!

And btw, there's only a few hours left to enter the HUGE b-day giveaway, so if you haven't entered go NOW! CLICK HERE FOR GIVEAWAY.

Be sure to come back tomorrow, to see if you won and also, for one more fleeting surprise! First some, first serve, limited time only, type of thing!

Thank you for stopping by, "see" you all soon :)
xo, Dorian

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