May 4, 2012

Birthday Bash Guest Post #2 - Tutorial Galore!

Today we have another great treat...another guest poster! She's done a round-up of her favorite tutorials from the past year, how fun is that? Her name is Aimee, and she's a good friend of mine. In fact, you may already know her, from guesting on BSM before (you can read the first post here) . She's super sweet and super busy! She manages two great websites and creates countless of others. Seriously talented lady, right here! Take it away Aimee!

hello friends!! i am here from we're an online Christian Women's Magazine with 8 authors, 10 topics, a lovely website & daily posts that range in topics from faith, marriage, fashion, photography, DIY's & so much more.
in a few days i'll also be giving away a facebook timeline for your business or personal page right here on Busily Spinning Momma. i'm a graphic & website design at stop by & visit. starting today at 2pm PST i'll be hosting a Facebook Follow Along, come join us!!

i have put together 5 of my FAVORITE posts from this past year {considering i had 50 this is really narrowing it down for me!}

1. a DIY curtain from a flat bedsheet... went viral on Pinterest {at least viral for our small-blog-sorta-way}

2. "LOVE" pillows... adding some paint to plain pillowcases never looked SO good.

3. custom candle covers... which apparently people on Pinterest love. perhaps you will too!!

4. make some Pallet Shelves... go ahead. do it. you'll be the coolest chick to know in town! :)
5. DIY monogrammed wall art... sophisticated. lovely. inexpensive.

here is a bit more about me...
Aimee Steckowski | Founder, Co-Editor & Projects Author
i’m a total Jesus girl. stay at home momma to jack & abby in Southern California. i love posting here on FancyLittleThings with my weekly DIY Projects, some recipes and friendship group idea! i own a small graphic & website design firm called and a Linky Party Directory at: i love taking photos, sewing, making projects, gardening, designing and smiling with my sweet littles.

Okay, so how adorable are those "LOVE" pillows? VERY! There is so much more over at Fancy Little Things., great articles and recipes, DIYs and even fashion tips {*ahem* written by yours truly :)} Feel free to check it out!
Thank you for being with us today Aimee! It is always a pleasure having you here!

Make sure to come back Sunday for the AMAZING giveaway!
Have a great weekend :)

xo, Dorian

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