May 9, 2012

Monogrammed Market Tote - Tutorial

Hello friends! 
How are you?
We've been having a slow week around here, as one of my guest posters fell through due to family stuff :( I apologies. I wanted this week to be much more fast paced :( Oh well, such is life.
BUT! I do have one more guest coming soon! ANND, the giveaway is still live! What am I giving away this time, you ask? Oh just over $265 in goodies! Want in? Go here!

Today, I have another easy and fun Mother's day gift idea! It's quick and you can find all of the Plaid's  Martha Stewart paints, and stencil at Michael's. 

You need:
- Canvas tote
- Newspaper (just a sheet)
- Fabric paints (or regular paints mixed with fabric medium)
- Foam Pouncers
-  Stencils (One each in a circular patterned, a letter, and a floral/totally optional)
- Spray adhesive
- Tape
- Fine Point paint bottle

So, start with a canvas bag:
Got mine in a pack of 3 also at Michael's. kinna expensive though at $14 plus tax. But if use your coupons, then it's a sweet deal!

Okay, moving along. Put some newspaper in the bag to avoid leakage to the over side. *just in case*

Spray some adhesive on the back of your stencil. Stick down onto bag (iron your bag flat first). Mix your paint of choice and the fabric medium as directed on the bottle. The fabric medium makes it so you can wash it. Next tape any edge the paint might leak onto.

Pounce the paint right on! (for more pouncing info, go here, to my previous post)
Remove stencil, allow paint to dry. Do all the above steps again, adding the monogram and whatever extra stencils you'd like.
Pounce them in with paint of your choice.

This is what I had when I finished stenciling everything in:

I liked it, but just okay. I didn't like how light the vines were. Bad color choice, Dorian!

So I grab some more paint, medium and my Martha Stewart Fine Tip-Tops in a size 1:

And mixed it all together:

Then I outlined the entire vine and leaves all the way around (please note, this was my first time using the fine tip tops and I had some issues with controlling the amount of paint that came out, so it's not perfect. But it's for my momma, and I know she'll look past my errors and see the love it was made with. I hope. Oy.)

And you have yourself a cute lil' Monogrammed Market Tote!

And lastly, but most important : wait 24 hours, then iron the tote once more, going right over the paint. This sets it, so that you can wash it when needed! How great is that?!

Anyway, it's an easy and fun project that you scan whip up in no time! Ummm...just watch those pesky fine tip tops ;)

Thank you, again, for reading, I hope you're having a great week so far! Almost the end of the giveaway! (with another surprise in store!)

xo, Dorian


  1. SO cute! Another fun thing to add to my must try list! :)

  2. these are ridiculously adorable!!

    LOVE that you're doing this! What a great idea.


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