April 30, 2012

Let's Start Thinking about MOTHER'S DAY...

I recently received an email from the wonderful people at Plaid Crafts asking me if I would be interested in participating in an upcoming Mother's Day crafting event.
OBVIOUSLY, I said yes. 
I received a box of goodies that far exceeded the last one, to make some Momma themed crafts. So after *some* excited jumping around and some squealing like a kid on Christmas morning, I got to playin'! 
I figured I would use this opportunity to create some special gifts for the two special mommas in my life: my Mom and my MIL :)

Besides the Martha Stewart supplies Plaid sent me, I went out and bought these
2 Glass Vases from the DS
A pack of 3 canvas totes from Michael's
2 Taupe-y Fabric Photo Albums
2 Wooden Plaques (DS)
2 Trivets and a pack of coasters (not pictured and DS)

Today, I will show you what I did to the albums. And how to do it yourself :)

You will need:

- Martha Stewart Stencil
-Stencil Adhesive
-Pouncers ( I used foam)
- Albums

What You Do:

Start of by spraying the Stencil Adhesive on the back of your stencil.
I penciled in where I knew I wanted to but my bird first then positioned my stencil on top.
Because of the stencil adhesive, the stencil doesn't move around because it sticks to your projects. The stencil will still come off easily when you're done. leaving very clean lines :)

Don't forget to tape off the parts of the stencil you do NOT want paint on. Here, I taped over the flowers and the bird's tail. Taping is a VERY important part.

Shake your paint, pour onto tupperware lid paint pallet, and tap your foam pouncer (pictured below) into it. You want to them "tab" some the excess paint off on the lid, so you don't have too much paint on. Too much paint will cause leakage, causing messy lines even WITH adhesive.

Take your pouncer and tab it UP and DOWN onto the stencil. Do NOT swipe it, you need to tap it up and down for a perfect stencil :)

Once you're finished painting, you will have this:
*Please note* You should paint every part that requires say, brown. all at once.
Also, see the arrow? That's where some of my tape is.

Remove stencil carefully:
the circle indicates the penciled in bird feet.

I did two corners in the same stencil just in different directions:

Wait for it to dry.................
(wash your stencil while you wait)

Okay, now take your newly clean stencil, spray some more adhesive on it and line it up with your previously painted lines.
Tape over the painted parts:

Use your pouncer (I used the 3/4 inch one) to paint in your flowers a bright dark pink.
I then used a brush (not pictured, but it's just a regular brush) to paint in the center of the flower stencil, while the stencil was still on:
(you don't have to be super neat or artistic about this part, just dab it on)

Before the paint dries, very carefully remove the stencil:

Do that for both branches and add the bird :)
For the "M" monogram I used the Martha Stewart Fancy Script Stencil Set. It's cardboard (strong one, though) but I still sprayed on the adhesive and it worked great.
And that's it! easy! And sooo cute, right?! I love how whimsical it is :)

I made a second album for my MIL:
Isn't it so elegant and timeless? 

I really hope they both like their customized albums. I plan to fill them with some pictures I had printed of my boys and some of my boys and them. I really hope they love it.

Anyway, I have 2-3 more stenciling projects coming in the next two weeks, so if you haven't tried stenciling before, you can try it now! It always intimidated me before, I don't know why though, it's fun and Plaid makes it easy with they're products. Anyway, if you wanna try, go for it! There' is plenty of variety :)
"See" you soon!
xo, Dorian

Don't forget to check out my Big Birthday Bash! We've got a HUGE giveaway coming up on Sunday, should be fun!

*I feel obligated to say that I am part of a group of bloggers who works with Plaid on special campaigns. I received no monetary compensation for this post, just the material to craft with (BETTER!). All opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn't blog it, if I didn't love it :)

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