April 24, 2012

DIY Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

A sweet friend of mine asked me what were some great DIY gift ideas for teenage girls. And I, being the blogger I am, decided to write a WHOLE post about it :)
This week has been incredibly busy, and I am working on what I feel are A MILLION projects (a fashion tute for you guys and several Mother's day gift idea with tutes), so this post is a nice break :)

Every young girl LOVES jewelry. Especially unique, one of a kind stuff.

This particular teenager like to travel, so what's better than a journal to chronicle her adventures?
{FYI, even the teen who doesn't travel would use this, what with all the high school drama and all ;)}

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The Creative Place

Funky Scarf:

Customized Tote:
It's no-sew! You can get the package of 3 totes for $16 at Michael's. Use the 40% off coupon and that's seriously a great deal!
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Under the Sycamore

Customized tee:
Find a favorite poem or verse, use a bleach pen and voila!
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Sweet Verbena via UCreate

A camera strap cover:
(this one is no-sew either!)

A Girl and A Glue Gun

I didn't include any sewed gifts, so everyone can find inspiration!
Thank you to my friends over at the BSM facebook page, who gave me some awesome ideas! You ladies rock :)
Hope you enjoyed the small roundup!

xo, Dorian


  1. These are all fabulous ideas. Love the tote and the crochet bib necklace.

  2. Love your ideas! Thank you and keep updating.

  3. You have such amazing ideas on this website! I'm actually a teenager myself and I was looking for a DIY gift to make for my best friend and this really helped me. 5 stars :)

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  5. These spa gift idea would be a perfect well they can be put in a surprise gift boxes instead of a transparent container.

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