April 26, 2012

A Birdcage Veil

I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with a childhood friend of mine. A girlfriend I used to explore forest with while our dads played soccer and sneak out of church to go talk in the girls washroom downstairs. It was so nice to hear from her and see how happy she is!

Anyway, she contacted me to ask me if I could make her sweet little 8 year old daughter a birdcage veil for her confirmation. It was such a honor to be asked and of course I said YES!

BUT, it had to be done in a week.
I spend the better part of that week looking for French (or Russian) netting in every.store.possible.
I couldn't find it!
At the very last minute, I found some at Michael's! Yay! It wasn't much, but it was for a little girl, so it was more than enough!

And this is what it looked like:

Me *trying* to model it, so you can get an idea of what it looked like on. It's too small, but that's cuz it's not meant for my bog ol' noggin! 
(blurry much?!)

It will look a MILLION times better on her sweet princess!

This is how I delivered it to her:

Don't you just LOVE that box!?

I was so happy to work on something so special and so dainty and girl-y! It was twice as nice because it was for a friend. And then, she threw me over the moon when she told me she (and her little) LOVED it! 
What could possibly be better than that? :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
We've got a fashion tutorial coming up next, probably tomorrow, if I can get pictures. The weather's been terrible.

"See" you all again soon!
xo, Dorian


  1. So cute, I want one for me!! :)


  2. I liked the veil, the veil that you made for me and the box was beautiful. and you are a great friend.

    I Love it and I will look my best and I'll be the prettiest at the communion ever!

    from Thaily De Gracia and Family (she came up with the sentences herself!)

  3. That is so sweet. They will cherish it. I do love that box.


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