February 13, 2012


I've been into making jewelry lately. Which kinna weird to me, because it's something I never, in a million years, would have thought I would enjoy.
This is something a made just before Christmas for little ol' moi. But it's not all about me! I've also made a few others as gifts and what not. Anyway, I wore it quite a bit until I got a necklace from my hubby for Christmas that I have been wanting forever. I'll post about it later...it deserves it's on post :)

So here it is. A very simple "Create" necklace:
Isn't it sweet?

(FYI, Winter makes my skin look a sickly yellow...but trust me, I am not that yellow! I am more a sickly pale, ha!)
I wanted it to hit right between my collar bones and I wanted it to be understated in it's simplicity. I wanted the word to speak for itself,  ya know? Not a lot of embellishing to take away from what I love to do most..."create" Which is what I wanted this necklace to be about. My love for creating..

I also signed up for a Christmas gift exchange and used some of those little word oval things to make my partner some gifts:

This is an e-reader sleeve (but it can also hold a standard size Bible). I added the word "Inspire" because my partner was a teacher and their jobs is to inspire.

It had a top snap closure, to keep everything inside, which I embellished with some quick embroidering. Easy peasy.

LOVE the interior fabric! I found about 2 yards of it at the thrift store and have treated it like gold ever since! I save it and only use it for my most valued projects! I only have a little bit left, I so badly wish I had more :(

The interior has a small pocket.

I also made her a flower brooch:
Which I wanted to keep for me :)

And lastly, I made her this:
A tiny little drawstring bag. For what, you ask?

Why,I'll gladly show you! For this:
Her very own "Inspire" necklace!

This is her gift all together...looking all pretty and orange-y...

And this is how I send it to her, just some brown paper and simple green yarn. I would've used twine, if I had twine. 

She said she liked it...yay!
And, that orange material? That weird, vinyl, faux leather, plastic-y "fabric"? Yeah, it basically the devil. Super hard to work with. So even though I LOVE the sleeve, I may never make one. Ever again. EVER.

Oh, who am I kidding? I need one for my e-reader!

(the pics aren't the greatest. They were taken at night with only my overhead hallway light to help out! Boo to short winter days!)


  1. Wow, you are so talented! I love everything! The reader sleeve is so awesome, the colors are great! What a special gift for your friend!

  2. Great job battling the orange stuff, the flower especially looks fab

  3. Beautiful! Everything turned out so well. I love the interior fabric, too, and that necklace hits perfectly. (It's so hard to get a necklace with just the right amount of length, you know? I can see why you made your own!) You've got a lot of talent!


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