December 9, 2011

GUEST POST: Aimee from Fancy Little Things

Hello Friends...Happy Friday! I am finish up some touch ups on the Tutorial for the Marble bags, like one of you asked :) and I hope to have that up tomorrow!

I do, however, have a special treat for you today! A guest post from the ever-so-lovely Aimee! YAY! If you guys don't know Aimee, you really really must! She is simply one of THE most generous and loving persons I have the pleasure of "knowing"! I hope to one day be able to meet her face to face! {and maybe be neighbors and eat brownies for lunch together ;)} Anyway, today she's got the CUTEST tutorial...

The Little Green Bird {sew easy} Garnet Hill Inspired Christmas Decor

Take it away, Aimee!

hi friends! my name is Aimee Steckowski and i add weekly projects over at every Monday. i absolutely love decorating for Christmas and enjoy the excitement with 2 small children. i am married to a Marine and we are currently stationed on Camp Pendleton, California. i love making fun, useful projects, home decorator ideas & have a major issue with tearing magazine clippings out & adding to one of my several idea binders {yes, i actually use them}. as much as i adore Pinterest - there's nothing better than holding a piece of paper and creating with my hands.

this sweet little bird. i am in love. but did not pay $40 for him like at my FAVORITE store: garnet hill...
{yes, these are from & sell for $40 - good thing I know how to sew & our Christmas decor colors are green & pale yellow}.

what you need:
  • 1/2 a piece of felt
  • small piece of white & brown felt
  • stuffing {take from nearest pillow if necessary}
  • bird drawing outline on paper
  • 2 sewing pins
  • needle & matching thread
  • hole punch
fold felt in half, place cutout on top, add some pins & start cutting
using your hole punch make several white holes
{if MINE can cut through felt, yours surely can!!}
just press the circle onto the felt wherever you want it - no pin needed. cut a long piece of string and thread through the needle... i added two stitches to each circle.
place both pieces together using pins to hold in place
use another LONG piece of string that matches the bird to hand-stitch around the outside
! always sew around the smallest part first and add the fiberfill using the eraser part of a pencil to stuff it
don't forget to cut the small beak -- add when sewing around the outside. then when the majority of the bird is stitched, finish stuffing & sew the remainder
sew cute. sew easy.
Isn't that the sweetest? And SUPER easy, right? You could probably even involve a kid or two to paste on the! I really wanna make a few for my "hole-y" tree...hahaha!

Thank you again Aimee, for offering up that lovely tutorial! If you guys wanna see more of Aimee beautiful work, go to Fancy Little Things! So much inspiration to be had :)

I hope you have a restful Friday, "see" you tomorrow!

xoxo, Dorian

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