September 8, 2011

Playing Around With Some Paint

Do you guys remember THIS post? When I got this in the mail?

Well, I finally got around to making a couple of things with it! And let me tell you, this paint is AMAZING! And I'm not just saying that cuz I got a bunch of great ma'am, you better believe that if I didn't love it, I wouldn't be posting about it. This line of products really is fantastic..the applicators are easy to handle, come in a variety of brushes and the paint is glorious....smooth. So easy and so fun that I just had to run out to Micheal's to buy some stuff I wanted but didn't have. Namely, the fabric medium and alphabet stencils.

I've already made, a lavender eye pillow, several stenciling on fabric for an upcoming project, and these:
Canvas for my powder room:

With a sort of matching wooden crate for above the toilet:
What do you think...too matchy, matchy? Am I being tacky? You gotta tell me if I'm being's like the "do I look fat?" thing...real friends tell the truth! 

Anyway, my favourite project ( far) is this:

From this:

I used a galvanized bucket purchased at the DS and got it looking all rusty and old. The new Martha Stewart Paint DOES have an Antique Medium which I do NOT have, and didn't think to buy (DOH!) so I used the same technique I did HERE. Could have gone for an even more rotten look but this was enough for me.

Love the patina on it...don't I sound fancy?

Next picture is a close up of the stencil. 
I used the Self Adhesive Stencil (the letters and a floral one) and the Metallic Paint in Rust. I used the Stencil Brush Set with a 1/4 inch brush. 
Simply stick the stencil on the bucket, paint, remove stencil carefully and then lookee what you've got...a fancy new bucket! And bonus, it reminds you what season you're in when your brain is fried from late night I guess you could call a smart bucket :) 

I am really enjoying this lil ol' (but not really!! LOL!) bucket. I LOVE the fall, but haven't ever decorated my house for it. This year I vowed to myself that it will be different. And I am so excited. I feel so, soo...Martha Stewart-y, I guess...LOL! You know what I mean!
I can't wait to make my wreath and centerpiece, and runner, and garlands, and pillows, the list goes on and on! And hopefully, it actually looks nice.
And, FYI..I've been pinning all my fall decor inspirations like crazy . If you're interested, check it out ova there (click on the Pinterest Button)------->
Thank you all for reading! "See" you again soon!

xoxo, Dorian

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  1. This looks fabulous - I love the stencilling
    Thanks for sharing
    Lowri :-)

  2. I think you've dont a nifty job so far.

  3. Wow what great projects! Thanks for the tips and tutorial for the rusting. Thats a great tip!

  4. these are great projects, they seem easy but very nice

    visiting and following from boost your blog friday

  5. Hello there, what a great project.. Very creative...absolutely lovely blog you have here.. Can’t wait to read more.. I’m officially following ya from today’s Friday blog hop.. Hope you can find a moment to stop by and visit/follow me too.. I’m Marilyn from .Hope you have a terrific weekend..

  6. Not tacky at ALL! I think it's gorgeous! And I love that bucket, too.

  7. Hello! I'm following you from the Boost My Blog Friday hop. Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get the chance! Hope you have a good rest of the week! (:

    Amber @ Beautifully BellaFaith

  8. Very cute! Convinced me! I totally want the Martha Stewart paint stuff now!

  9. I love!!!! your canvases! I'm totally inspired to do something similar in my bathroom!! Great job Dorian!!


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