September 16, 2011

I'll "LEAF" It To You....

So, I made a wreath. For the first time ever. And, I'm pretty sure that because it's my first time I think it looks pretty good. For making it out of dollar store stuff, anyway. Well, I think so, but what do I know!? I'll "leaf" you guys decide :)

Here's what I bought at the DS...I was so not into the whole cheap little scarecrow, or the paper sign....BUT, it was a wreath and it was $2! And I had a vision!!! (also, Michael's is kinna far and I rarely get to go, so, yeah...make it work ppl!!)

Rip the uglies right off:

Make a cuter "Welcome" Sign with some scrap fabric and fabric paint...(I wanted to use burlap, but yeah, fabric store was a no go)

Take some leaves (fakes!), branches (real), berries and apples (fakes!) and voila!

I used a branch to hold the "banner"...and roughed up the edges a bit...

Okay, so I kinna love it. It's so fall-ish. It really brings to mind all my favourite things about this season...the colours of the leaves, the branches as the leaves picking....all good stuff. If only I could make it smell like cinnamon. Then it's be PERFECT!
So now, all I have to do is hang it outside, and finish the door decor. Than I'll be able to show you guys a finished product, but for now I am SLOWLY getting into this fall decorating thing. 
First time, ever, remember? Everything....from scratch. Fun!
Thanks for reading! Have a great Friday! (wooo-hooo! Weekend!!!)

xoxo, Dorian



  1. Love how it's perfect for fall and still colorful...definitely a HUGE improvement from the before picture. :) You took it from tacky to charming.

  2. hahahah i had to share first glance (aka not carefully reading everything) i thought that you made the first wreath!! My first reaction was 'uuummm...i don't know about the scarecrow...' haha i LOVE your leafy wreath :) very cute! ...and so much cuter than the scarecrow! lol

  3. Turned out perfect, great job! Stop by for a visit....


  4. This looks great. I love the little banner!

    I know how you feel about the Michael's and fabric store shopping. It's an hour for us to get to either.

    gertie @ The Old Block House

  5. This is so cute...and I love the bunting on the branch...adorable! Great job.

    evie @ brown paper packages

  6. I bought a wreath similar and it's been resting in my closet whilst I await've just given me the inspiration I need!
    (and I loved your email...I read it a lot. many times. thank you thank you for your sweet supportive words.)

  7. he web site was how do i say it… relevant, finally something that helped me. Many thanks


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