August 18, 2011

This is Amazing.

Today, there was a knock on the was the Fed ex guy.
Wasn't expecting him.
 Still, he brought me this...

Maybe, fabric??

I opened it...
And nearly died!!!

It's a sampler of Plaid's new line with Martha Stewart that includes paints and supplies, such as stencils, brushes and much more!
 (The line will be debuting at Micheals towards the end of August)
And they send it! I am obviously dreaming. Somebody pinch me. Actually don't. I kinna like this dream :) I am so grateful.
I have a lot of  ideas for fun projects for my house! I can hardly wait to start!

Thank you so much PLAID! 

xoxo, Dorian


  1. I want my FedEx guy to knock on my door....:( So cool... I'm looks like Xmas! Xo

  2. Well that should keep you busy for a while :oD

  3. Awe thats awesome. God is good. :)

  4. Очумеееть сколько нужностей) Ни минуты в ожидании, срочно приступайте в делу) у вас стооолько всего красивенького.

  5. How do you get those sample packs?? Are you signed up for something?? I'm so excited for those stencils! I have been looking for something exactly like that. :)

  6. I am sooooooooo jealous. Plaid can do a giveaway on my blog IF I get this fun package.... hahahaha... ok, I would host without the package. Enjoy!!!


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