August 17, 2011

Pinterest Pretties - And WINNER!

Hey Besties! So excited to announce the winner of the wonderful Plaid Extreme Glitter Paints! So, do you wanna know who it is?
It's lucky #12! (as picked by

Rachel said...
Fun! You know I'm a follower ;-)

CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL! I will email you shortly :) Enjoy your awesome paints! And a HUGE thank you to Plaid for sponsoring such a lovely giveaway!

Now, on to some pretty things I've seen on Pinterest lately...

A quiet book that's also a buckle/zipper/lace book made with CLOTHES. LOVE this.

I don't have girls, but I NEED to make these from my three niece. They would look perfect!

I've been loving piece work lately. Anything quilt-y and home-y. Maybe it's because the season's changing and it makes me thinks of warming up under a nice quilt? I dunno. Either way, it's inspired me to make something and I CAN NOT wait to share it with you guys :)

This would be PERFECT in my living room. And can you say, EASY??


Oh my yum! I am soo making this for dinner tonight. I just thought of Rachel Ray..."and THAT'S what for dinner tonight!!!" LOL!


Lovely, just lovely. Imagine this framed...


I love this and really, it's so true...


Hope you guys enjoyed them!
"See ya when I see ya!" LOL! Another Rachel Ray reference for you!
Oh man, I'm such a dweeb.

xoxo, Dorian


  1. Congrats to the lucky winner and thanks so much for the great pinterest inspiration....I love the pic of the family's sweet!

  2. I love all of those projects you shared from pinterest. I need to finally get with it and figure out what that is! lol....but I had to open all of those in new it!

  3. I should really check out pinterest... I LOVE everything you posted... especially those sweet quilted bags!!


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